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The natural beauty and instinctual behavior of the Early Generation cats and their Leopard Cat foundation draw us to the Bengal. The wild side of their heritage is most fascinating.

Whether EG or SBT, the quality we admire is the wild look. It defines type.

Our impression of the Bengal is a strong, solid, muscular feline with the aesthetic and physical features of the wild forest-dwelling Leopard Cat. We strive to build a family of Bengal Cats that resemble the original foundation and prototype for the breed.

While the Bengal breed standard is rather loose, we consider its versatility an advantage.  It's all about how one sees it. Variance in interpretation increases options, possibilities and potential for this relatively new and developing breed, as well as gene pool enrichment.

It is nature that sets the standard for the Leopard Cat. Characteristics adaptive to their climate, terrain, environment, water, prey, predators, etc., are instrumental to survival. The standard defined by nature seems most practical in effort of preserving wild type. The very existence of the Leopard Cat is dependent on a balance with nature, therefore, the priority.





Overall:  Distinctive to the small forest-dwelling wildcats; appearance distinct from other domestic cat breeds;  head with wild  appearance and expressive nocturnal look;  cat with strength, agility, balance and grace;  very muscular and solid build;  athletic;  alert to its surroundings.


Head Shape:  Broad modified wedge with rounded contours. Longer than it is wide. Overall look of the head should be as distinct from the domestic cat as possible.

Ears:  Medium to small, relatively short, with wide base and rounded tops.

Eyes:  Oval, almost round. Large, but not bugged. Set wide apart, back into face, and on slight bias toward base of ear.

Chin:  Strong chin, aligns with tip of nose in profile.

Muzzle:  Full and broad, with large prominent whisker pads and high, pronounced cheekbones. Slight muzzle break at whisker pads. 

Nose:  Large and wide, slightly puffed nose leather.

Profile:  Curve of the forehead should flow into the bridge of the nose with no break. Bridge of nose extends above the eyes, the line of the bridge extends to the nose tip.

Neck:  Long, substantial, muscular, in proportion to the head and body.


Torso:  Long and substantial. Medium to large.

Legs:  Medium length. 

Feet:  Large, round, with prominent knuckles.

Tail:  Medium length, thick, tapered at the end with rounded tip.

Boning:  Sturdy, firm, never delicate.

Musculature:  Very muscular, especially in the males, one of the most distinguishing features.